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Chinese Television news channel, referred to as the CTS, the English abbreviation, compared with CTS, was established by the Republic of China Jiaoyu Bu, the Department of Defense, business people and overseas Chinese community leaders and other Gongtongtouzi Taiwan's third television company, and Taiwan television, China television company and said the youngest of Taiwan Taiwan. , The Republic of China is one of six radio stations. Is the first company in Taiwan awarded the ISO-9002 certified wireless TV; exercises had made common, become Taiwan Broadcasting System a. When the CTS was founded, only allocated a VHF channel, in addition to producing and broadcasting television programs in general than the other high school production and broadcasting air, Engineering, HEC, in-service teacher education, distance learning and other university elective courses. After Wuxiandianshi digitized; now has two UHF channels, is the only Taiwan has a number of dual-band