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Zhejiang Qianjiang Channel brief introduction

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Zhejiang Qianjiang channel ZJTV-2 launched in 1993, is the oldest Zhejiang provincial channel, formerly Zhejiang Taiwan two sets. Qianjiang channels of news, drama, variety and activity based programs, adhere to established news station. Zhejiang three existing news column "Fan sister help", "half past nine," "007 news constantly," urban fashion show "Fashion Day", "I see the tide", "Vicki family life. Zhejiang Qianjiang Channel is the oldest and most extensive coverage of terrestrial channels, covering the province's eleven regions through wired and wireless dual signals, while extended to Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangsu ﹑ ﹑ Jiangxi, Fujian portions of adjacent areas ratings hundred million population, most of the terrestrial channels.