YNTV Zhaotong News Channel 美丽昭通 Line

Zhaotong News Channel brief introduction

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Zhaotong TV news channel zttv-1 video news program, news and other news Minsheng video information-based, comprehensive, in-depth reflection of Zhaotong economic and social development as well as cultural and historical development of Zhaotong, multi-angle, all-round display Zhaotong reform internal and external image development.         Zhaotong News Channel launched the "Zhaotong News", "123 Zhaotong effect," "Fun rhyme marketplace" and other programs and special programs.         Zhaotong television station founded in 1991, currently opened news channel Zhaotong, Zhaotong Zhaoyang Channel, Travel Channel and other science Zhaotong three sets of TV shows, running the column 11 files, each set of broadcast time every day for 18 hours.         & nbsp;