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Shenzhen International Channel brief introduction

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Shenzhen TV international channel launched in 2004, when the Shenzhen Satellite TV began broadcasting for the title, following the Shenzhen TV, Shenzhen TV star of a new overseas and broadcast on satellite television channels. Shenzhen Satellite TV is now still called Overseas, signal coverage all over the world through the Great Wall platform and the Asian platform.         Shenzhen international channels broadcast part of the program is repeated Shenzhen Satellite TV programs such as "Live Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan" and other programs, as well as some original programming and Shenzhen Satellite TV broadcast simultaneously. Also arrange a fixed time programs in Cantonese, Putonghua most of the shows are broadcast.         Shenzhen Satellite TV on May 28, 2004 formally launched, directly under the Shenzhen Media Group Shenzhen Satellite TV to news comprehensive program