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Weihai News Channel brief introduction

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Weihai Weihai Taiwan TV news channel WHTV-1 Weihai City is the most extensive coverage of local channels. Weihai News Channel adhere to the principle established news station, broadcast news to increase the density and strengthen collection of the local, national and international news portfolio, outstanding quality TV series, the introduction of packaging a number of very influential in the country of knowledge, entertainment programs. The main columns are Weihai news, rural Rhine, humanities Weihai, today's topic, red sailboat, financial time.         Weihai City, Radio and Television was established in February 2002, the merger of Weihai Municipal Bureau of Radio and Television, China National Radio Weihai, Weihai television stations and other units together. Weihai currently offers four television channels and five radio sets, are set Weihai Weihai news channel, two sets of Weihai Weihai public