SDTV Weifang economic channel 潍坊广电 Line

Weifang economic channel brief introduction

WeifangEconomictelevisionchannel WeifangTVStation SDTV Shandong P 2016 Weifang economic channelDetails
Weifang Economic television channel WFTV-2 agricultural raw Weifang channel channel, is one of the main two-channel television Weifang, Weifang television channel main sections are urban economic Shinkansen, views, and other youth role models.         Weifang Economic Channel TV is the only channel specializing in Weifang City of agricultural, agriculture Weifang channel to serve three rural, urban and rural areas is the purpose of intermediation channels, a perspective for new countryside, new agriculture, new farmers and to rural-based, is also the city also rural, agriculture-related content clear, modern elements, the face of new, unique.         Weifang agricultural Channel main sections are views, fertile soil, the views, Four Seasons HOFO, agriculture and other news network.         Weifang television station founded in 1984, Weifang television station, located in Weifang