SDTV Sunshine Science Channel 日照广电 Line

Sunshine Science Channel brief introduction

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sunshine RZTV-2 TV Science Channel original television science Rizhao City Channel, in November 2015 revision. Happy sunshine channel contains 6 show, respectively, "Sun Belt" premiere 18:00, "flop big lottery" First time (live) 18:45. "Very entertainment channel" First time 19:25. "Win in the sunshine" Broadcast time: 19:25 Sunday. "Urban Happy sink" First time 20:15. "Happy Shadow Court" First time 21:20.         sunshine television 1987 10 menstrual former State Department approved the establishment of Radio, Film and Television, on October 1, 1987 formally launched, in June 1989 together with the upgraded Rizhao City sunshine television. There are new television sunshine sunshine