SCTV M easy integrated channe 米易综合 Line

M easy integrated channels brief introduction

Miyicomprehensivetelevisionchannel MiyiCountyRadioandTelevision SCTV China 2019 M easy integrated channelsDetails
m easy comprehensive television channel         Miyi, under Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province the southwest, northeast Panzhihua Anninghe and Yalong intersection region between latitude 26 & deg; 42 & prime; ~ 27 & deg; 10 & prime ;, longitude 101 & deg; 44 & prime ; ~ 102 & deg; 15 & prime; between, the area of ​​2152.7 sq km. Miyi climate is subtropical climate is dry and hot valley perspective baseband. Dry and rainy seasons are not clear and distinct, not connected to the valley area annual winter, autumn and spring