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Wutongqiao News Channel brief introduction

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Wutongqiao under Leshan Sichuan Province, located in the southwest, geographical coordinates Sichuan longitude 103 & deg; 39 & prime; -103 & deg; 56 & prime ;, latitude 29 & deg; 17 & prime; -29 & deg; 31 & prime ;. North of Leshan, Chengdu, east of Zigong, Neijiang, along the Minjiang River and down, up Yibin, Luzhou, Chongqing and the Three Gorges, west of Panzhihua, Xichang, 20 km from the city of Leshan. Five-bridge area has a long history of industrial development, is an important industrial base in Sichuan Province, Sichuan Chemical Base