SCTV Sichuan rural public cha 快高清神韵传媒 Line

Sichuan rural public channel brief introduction

Sichuanruralpublictelevisionchannel SichuanTV SCTV Sichuan Pr 2013 Sichuan rural public channelDetails
Sichuan public television channel SCTV9 former Sichuan rural public television channel (on July 1, 2002 officially launched), on May 26, 2019 formally launched, for rural development, "three rural" work carried out to provide a good public opinion, cultural channel.         Public channel Sichuan province trunk road network transmission by cable to the province-level city coverage network for the technology platform, covering more than 80 per cent of the province, covering a population of 80 million, a day to broadcast TV drama, news, variety shows and other programs 17 hours, major news magazine spread timely service urban and rural residents, and strengthen supervision by public opinion, participation is high, to safeguard the public interest in the Sichuan dialect drama, humor, nostalgia-rich, comprehensive service program, life, show