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Sichuan News brief introduction

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Sichuan News Channel SCTV4 covers the latest big event most complete Sichuan information, Chengdu information, Sichuan, current events, Chengdu information, Sichuan people's livelihood and Chengdu people's livelihood! For you 24 hours a rolling reported Sichuan News Sichuan News, Chengdu News Chengdu information         Sichuan TV Station was established in 1997 June 28, there are 13 sets of programs, which SCTV-1 (Sichuan TV), SCTV-2 (Sichuan Television Culture Travel Channel), SCTV-3 (Sichuan TV Economic Channel), SCTV-9 (Sichuan public television channel), four sets of programs covering Chengdu, Sichuan, China and much of Asia 1 logo symbolizes the remaining channels are ,, SCTV-4 (SCTV