NXTV Ningxia film Channel 快标清宁夏广电 Line

Ningxia film Channel brief introduction

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Ningxia TV Station TV channel aired NXTV-4 is excellent at home and abroad to focus on movies, culture, entertainment, information-based professional program channels. Summer Television channel is a song, Me, a story of cultural entertainment channel, with excellent domestic TV drama theme resources, self-management programs, information, events multi-angle linkage. Television channel 2014 new revision, broadcasting 24 hours a day. Ningxia TV channel main sections are "morning theater", "Afternoon Theater", "every theater", "lunchtime theater", "Star Cinema," "Midnight Theater", "I am a star", "Weekend Traveler" "every day travel exchange", "happy editorial department," and so on.         Ningxia, the total station is the integration of Ningxia radio and television stations, radio stations in Ningxia, Ningxia