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Jiangxi Jiangxi five sets of broadcast public television channel JXTV-5 in red feelings, love the stage for the brand positioning slogan, around this position, Jiangxi public channel well-built, launched the "peak evening news", "On the Forex Capital Market LLC," "sightings "and so running the column.         Jiangxi Radio and Television merger by the Jiangxi People's Broadcasting Station, Jiangxi TV set up, in 2012, June 7 formally, Taiwan offers nine administrative departments, 16 business units, nine TV channels, 7 radio frequencies They are as follows Jiangxi Jiangxi TV broadcast ▪ ▪ Jiangxi city channel broadcast TV channel economic life ▪ Jiangxi Jiangxi Radio and Television Broadcasting Television Channel ▪ ▪ public television channel broadcasting in Jiangxi