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rejuvenating a rejuvenating comprehensive television channel XGTV-1 provides news and rejuvenating, rejuvenating real estate, general rejuvenating, rejuvenating friends, rejuvenating hand, rejuvenating renters, businesses and rejuvenating, rejuvenating cars and other news and information.   rejuvenating Television was established in May 2010 8 Xingguo County Cultural Bureau of Radio, Film and Television is Xingguo County government departments of the county government television broadcast, film and television work culture, rejuvenating Bureau under the jurisdiction of system information centers, cultural centers, library, office paper tube, film companies, General Park management Office, revolutionary Memorial Hall, rejuvenating folk theater, theater management station rejuvenating nine grass-roots units and 25 township cultural stations.   rejuvenating television's official website: http: //www.xggdw.com/