JSTV Jiangsu Arts Channel 中超清江苏移动 Line

Jiangsu Arts Channel brief introduction

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Jiangsu Television Arts Channel JSTV-4 brings together domestic and foreign classic, cutting-edge television entertainment programs, the formation of & ldquo; look at the concept of variety entertainment programs to find channels. Jiangsu TV Arts Channel through four channels broadcast 50 hours a day, in which two sets of running the program broadcast 40 hours a day. Jiangsu Arts Channel main sections are shock-stop, very class, big difference tonight, have come to love the dream, do not lie to me, good play Lianliankan.         Jiangsu network television by JSBC (Group) trying to build a professional network communications platform, as the official website of Broadcasting and TV Station of Jiangsu Province, won the Jiangsu City Channel, Jiangsu Arts Channel, Jiangsu TV channel, Jiangsu sports channel, Jiangsu children's channel, Jiangsu international channel, Jiangsu public