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Golden Eagle Documentary Channel brief introduction

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Hunan Golden Eagle Documentary Channel HNTV-5 launch in 2008, the main channel to documentary documentary, which was formerly known as one of the three strong media's Hunan Economic TV lifestyle channel. Hunan Golden Eagle Documentary Channel programs include Big hilarious, little bit of truth, archives, legend, Trolltech nature, explore, documentary factories, found that explore humanistic, Trolltech, Universal geography, large hilarious, military decoding, a new story Hunan, China Power happy dealers, documentary situation and so on.         Hunan Province Hunan TV is the most authoritative television organizations, January 1, 1997 Hunan TV programs formally adopted the first set of AsiaSat 2 satellite transmission, channel call & ldquo; & rdquo ;, Hunan TV mango, star on Hunan Satellite TV after the broadcast, we launched the "quick