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Daqing Education Channel brief introduction

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Daqing Education Channel DQTV-3 on the outstanding concise image, fashion, style atmosphere as a whole, to highlight the qualities of professional brand image of the national television channels. Daqing Science Channel DQTV-3 package adhere to the scientific spirit, human temperament, culture, knowledge content for creative design principles, maintaining the original style based on the identification form, color matching, etc., in the material, motion and other aspects of innovation to improve, enhance the fashion sense of rhythm and impact. 100 Lake Daqing television network in May 1, 1971 the pilot is successful, the establishment of Daqing cable television station on February 6, 1994. Now it has four channels Daqing News Channel, channel 100 Lake Daqing, Daqing Television Channel, Science Channel and other Daqing. Daqing TV main sections are "60 points tonight