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Jingmen public channel brief introduction

Jingmenpublictelevisionchannel Jingmenradioandtelevision HBTV Hubei Prov 2016 http://www.jmtv.com.cn/ Jingmen public channelDetails
Jingmen public television channel JMTV-2 to the public service for the subject, based on providing services to the public, Jingmen public television channel next to the main sections are separated guy, happy campus visit, the food is still up to people and so on.         China Hubei Jingmen TV station was founded in 1984, it has five television channels wireless transmitter: Jingmen TV station has: TV news channel Jingmen, Jingmen new rural television channels, public television channel Jingmen, Hubei Jingmen television channels and through video , Jingmen television channels and other provincial transportation (JMTV-1 JMTV-2JMTV-3 JMTV-4 JMTV-5), and three FM radio frequency. TV news channel providing Jingmen Jingmen public television channel online, Jingmen TV Education Channel