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Tangshan life service channel brief introduction

TangshanTVLifeChannelService TangshanTVstation HBSTV Hebei Prov 2013 http://www.tsr.he.cn Tangshan life service channelDetails
Hebei Tangshan Tangshan two sets of life service channel in a calm perspective of people living close to, and the introduction of self-management programs around the public daily life, wonderful, stylish, providing different kinds of life information and perfect services according to the needs of diverse audiences.   Tangshan life service channel main sections are economic information, legal editorial department, health hotline, Hui life, Happiness and Wisdom, economic information, & nbsp; decoding financial providers.   Tangshan TV station was established in April 2010 by the merger set up a comprehensive Tangshan Tangshan television and radio stations and television stations, is currently Tangshan television specialty channel that is opened four Tangshan comprehensive news