GZTV Comprehensive study of w 快标清菱听视界 Line

Comprehensive study of water channels brief introduction

Xishuicomprehensivetelevisionchannel Xishuiradioandtelevision GZTV China 2018 http://www.gzxishui.gov.cn/ Comprehensive study of water channelsDetails
Xishui Xishui comprehensive television channel to understand politics, society, people's livelihood, emergency information such as news and weather, road conditions, live video and other information services.         Xishui Xishui local radio and television is the most authoritative and most official professional television mainstream media. Owned news channel, economic channel, comprehensive news broadcast 90.8, wisdom Xishui mobile phone sets of Xishui government policies, economic development, culture, tourism and other related industries, were made due contributions.