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Renhuai News Channel brief introduction

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Renhuai broadcast television stations running the TV program had "Renhuai News Network", "social focus", "human Maotai", and for the audience carefully created a film theater, broadcast on television amounted to 36 hours; running the broadcast columns are "Renhuai News Network", "sunshine Renhuai", "live traffic", "good morning wine", "all the way good mood", "Song of the Month sharing" six columns, and the introduction of a six-speed content-rich radio show, broadcast aired amounted to 18 hours.         Renhuai broadcasters earliest can be traced back 1956 Renhuai county radio station, in 50 years of development history, Renhuai radio and television broadcasting continue to grow. Broadcasters currently operating a total of Renhuai Renhuai have broadcast television news, radio and television wine Renhuai two live electrical