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Guangdong Pearl River Channel brief introduction

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Pearl River in Guangdong TV channel GDTV-2 first in Cantonese television channel began broadcasting in September 1983, Guangdong TV station the second program, the first in our country is the Cantonese dialect broadcast TV channels Pearl River in Guangdong TV channel has launched the "colorful", "Kaleidoscope" and other well-known programs and "hostess", "the situation over the Pearl River" and other excellent series, Guangdong has become the home audience downright & ldquo; & rdquo old friend Channel ;. Mini-series, "foreign wife of local Boy", political news program "News Pearl eye," livelihood news program "Today's Focus" section of the rule of law "bill tracking" Documentary program "Pearl Chronicle", part drama "Night portrait" strong Variety file "bite hegemony" and other brand part active Ying