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Xiamen Mobile TV brief introduction

XiamenTVofmobile XiamenTV FJTV Fujian Pro 2013 Xiamen Mobile TVDetails
Xiamen Mobile TV xmtv-6         dedicated shopping channel based in Xiamen, Fujian oriented, relying on brand Xiamen TV, digital TV channels as the core, the integration of TV, websites, catalogs, ground activities, the flagship store & ldquo; Five & rdquo; sales channels, 24 hours to live and uninterrupted broadcast taped combined sales of goods include fashion home, 3C digital, kitchen utensils, beauty and fitness products, has self-built product development, programming, customer traffic, logistics and so on across the board operation flow.         love as the media remind you that there are risks of online shopping, Taobao Lynx receive coupons Qingdao http: /// receive official website