FJTV Xiamen tv 3 厦门广电 Line

Xiamen tv 3 brief introduction

XiamenTVChildren'sLifeChannel XiamenTV FJTV Fujian Pro 2013 Xiamen tv 3Details
Xiamen Children's Life Channel XMTV-3 Xiamen TV channels are three living culture and entertainment, sports, health and fashion programs such as life consisting mainly of professional channels. Xiamen lifestyle channel made part of "Business Express" collecting pop culture dynamic fashion, business intelligence and lifestyle information to guide public consumption; "Zone Real Estate" Xiamen large real estate professional fields; "vehicle front" for you to create a the new sporty car news section; "happy demand" to bring you audio and visual enjoyment of music; "happy people" fashion show healthy lifestyles and healthy concept, interpretation of life stories, the taste of life philosophy; "healthy living" for people to find medicine doctors ask open window; "healthy new world" the popularity of various health campaign