FJTV Quanzhou Hokkien Channel 福建双线标清 Line

Quanzhou Hokkien Channel brief introduction

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Quanzhou four sets of Quanzhou television channel based in Quanzhou Hokkien dialect based programs to channel featuring Taiwanese humanities, cultural heritage Taiwanese, service folks on both sides of the channel is the purpose of Quanzhou Taiwanese channels. Quanzhou Taiwanese channel is the first all integrated channels Minnan dialect broadcast in mainland China.         Quanzhou Quanzhou TV sets official launch on September 1, 1988, August 16, 2012 by the Quanzhou TV, Quanzhou People's Broadcasting Station established.         Quanzhou Quanzhou broadcast television stations currently broadcast television news channels, radio and television Quanzhou city life channel, Quanzhou radio and television movies and television channels and radio and television Quanzhou Hokkien Channel four channels. TV coverage Quanzhou and Xiamen area