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Chongqing Science Channel brief introduction

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Chongqing TV Science Channel CQTV-8 main sections Universe geography, legend, not healthy to leave and great tricks, live with the truth of the Department of Law and drama, Chongqing Science Channel, respectively, from the three aspects of health, encyclopedias, law legal system to provide viewers with comprehensive information dissemination and literacy services, and innovative planning, flexibility and performance and other factors reasonably vividly into the column, which greatly enhance the viewing of the program.         Chongqing Science Channel television station after several years of exploration and development, has gradually formed into a & ldquo; science, education, livelihood and cultural science & rdquo; combining science class integrated service channels. Channel to & ldquo; science and education service life & rdquo; for the idea of ​​focusing on creating three series broadcast period, and fourth gear innovation