AHTV Huaibei Education Channe 淮北广电 Line

Huaibei Education Channel brief introduction

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Huaibei Education Channel HBRTV-3 main sections are political popularity of wind, painted a healthy love life, love life painting health.         Huaibei Huaibei City, radio and television networks broadcast television is bringing together the advantages of resources, effort to build a network of new media. Huaibei is the only region to achieve online audio, video broadcast, on-demand, massive collection of news, weather netizens interactive audio-visual integrated portal.         Huaibei Huaibei broadcast television network consists of news today concerned about, exclusive planning, people's livelihood and other video news commentary programs, automotive, real estate, life, more than 10 stalls news section, about health, legal advice, the online market, Reporter help you busy interactive services such as multi-file column. Huaibei into the broadcast networks, Internet users can directly listen to online radio stations in Huaibei City